Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Let's make from cash crate (2)

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We will start with the easiest way to earn and work our way upwards

Check In

See the Check In button on the right of your screen just below your earning progress task bar

Cash Crate pays you 3 cents ($0.03) to check in everyday 

Click the green "Check In" button on the main Cash Crate Screen.

 The Check In box appears with a suggested Offer of the Day.

Click the "Check In & View This Offer" button.

The suggested offer appears and 3 cents ($0.03) is added to your Cash Crate account.

Check In every single day for a month and you will also received a 50 cents ($0.50) bonus - credited to your account shortly after midnight on the last day of that month.

That's $1.40 every month for a few seconds every day. Not much, yeah!!! but for a few seconds of you time, I would say it is worthwhile. This is really free money, right

**Tips: Set up a schedule, preferably before or after one of your routines (Waking up, before going to sleep, before or after dinner....)

Mine is before going to sleep and it works out very well for me. Did not miss a day for the past 4 months.

It will be such a waste not earning this 50 cents ($0.50) bonus by missing out 1 day Check In for a whole month.

What is coming next will likely earn you a lot more but will require a bit more time. We are looking at around $30 to $150 per month or even more

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